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Important Venue/Guest Information

Accessible Seating:  The Astra is equipped with accessible seating toward the front of the facility, as well as an accessible platform at the rear of the venue.

Accessible Restroom:  There is an accessible restroom on the main floor.

Capacity:  The Astra Theatre holds a total capacity of 357 people, split between a main floor (269) and the Best Home Furnishings Balcony (88).  On general admission performances, the balcony is opened only when pre-sales dictate it.  In the case of most reserved seating events, seats in the balcony will be available to reserve when a performance goes on sale.

Cash/Credit:  We accept cash or credit/debit cards in our ticket booth, concessions area, our bar areas, and for the purchase of venue or artist merchandise.

Concessions/Beer/Wine:  The Astra offers concessions at all of its events (Pepsi products, popcorn, candy, chips), as well as beer or wine for our guests who are 21 and over.  The main floor offers draft beer options and 16 oz. canned options, while the Bell Tower Bar in the Best Home Furnishings Balcony offers 16 oz. canned options (craft and domestic available in both locations).

First Aid:  If you require first aid, please inform a volunteer and they will direct you to the nearest first aid station.

Gift Cards: Through a partnership with the Downtown Merchants, we are happy to accept Downtown Jasper Gift Cards for our concessions and Next Act merchandise sales during our events. We are unable to accept the gift cards for outside artists merchandise OR ticket sales. Gift cards are available for sale via Yiftee online here.

Photography:  Use common sense, best judgment, and best practices when taking pictures.  The use of flash photography is prohibited during concerts/events/movies; however, we do want you to promote the Astra and our events on social media, so photos without the use of a flash are allowed.

Restroom Facilities:  In addition to the single accessible restroom on the main floor, the larger women’s and men’s restrooms are located on the Astra’s second floor.

Seating Chart: Here is a pdf of the seating chart. WHEN FACING THE STAGE, the numbers are as follows: numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 are next to one another in the left section of the main floor; 101-109 are next to one another in the center section of the main floor; numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 are next to one another in the right section of the main floor; and 201-218 are side-by-side in the balcony.

Smoking:  Smoking is strictly prohibited inside of the Astra Theatre and, if going outside during intermission, etc., it is Indiana state law that smokers stay at least 8 feet from any entrances to the venue.

If you need assistance, please locate a volunteer at the rear of the main floor or near the balcony’s exit.

About the Astra Theatre

The historic Astra Theatre first opened in 1936 and operated as a family-owned movie theater for the next 66 years.  Despite reconfiguring the theatre in the mid-1980s to create a duplex cinema, the pressure to compete with larger multiplex cinemas too great.  On September 12, 2002, the Astra Theatre closed its doors.

Over the next 12 years or so, a number of parties came forward with an interest in purchasing the theater, but, given the massive cost of infrastructure and renovation improvements, none were successful and the building remained vacant until December 2, 2015, when Next Act, Inc., purchased and took possession of the building.

After fundraising efforts that included a $400,000 historic preservation grant from the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs, the Astra went through a complete renovation from May 2017 to April 2018.  The renovation, totaling nearly $1.7 million, replaced all major infrastructure (electric to and throughout the building, plumbing, HVAC units and ductwork) while also allowing for the installation of a new accessible restroom on the first floor, an expanded stage, new seating throughout, re-opening the balcony, new sound and lights, a new men’s restroom, a renovated women’s restroom, a new concessions area, new doors, a refurbished marquee, new doors, refurbished windows, and on and on.  Essentially, the Astra is a new 82-year-old facility.