Get your Astra Merch and Donate

Astra Merchandise, Donations, and 2022 Season Tickets

We are planning our 2022 season to include at least four movies, four concerts, and four comedians. Be on the lookout in December for an announcement of our season line-up.

We would like to get our Astra merchandise out in the world! Below please find t-shirts, koozies, and other Astra swag in our online store. These are all available for purchase online and include shipping.

Additionally, there are links to purchase season tickets OR donate to our organization, if you so desire.

Each of the three options (purchase merchandise, buy season tickets, or donate) is available through a separate check-out and payment platform. So, it is possible to do all three (or a combo of two!), however, you’ll have to go through a separate check-out process for each. Thanks for sticking with us as we continue to add more technology to our operation!

We continue to envision The Astra as a wonderful community asset for another 80+ years and YOUR support can make that happen! Thank you!

Season Tickets

We are happy to extend those season tickets to those who bought them for the 2020 season. If you were one of the individuals or businesses who did, please check your email for more details.

If you don’t cuurrently have season tickets, we are excited to be able to sell additional season tickets for the 2022 season. Please find more info and pick your seats for the season via Eventbrite here.


The Astra Theatre and Next Act, Inc. have operated solely on a volunteer basis for the past seven years! We are incredibly humbled by and grateful for the generous community support we’ve received in that time. We appreciate any willingness to donate to our cause so we can continue to pursue our mission to bring artistic and cultural happenings to Dubois County.

Free will donations may be made via PayPal here.