The Best We’ve Got: The Carl Erskine Story

Special Olympics Indiana – Dubois County is Hosting a Screening of

“The Best We’ve Got: The Carl Erskine Story”
October 20, 2022 The Astra Theater

Tickets on sale now. Attention Astra Season Ticket Holders, this event is hosted by Special Olympics Indiana – Dubois County and you will need to purchase a ticket to attend.

Carl Erskine, the man who is living a perfect game, will be brought to the big screen in Jasper,
Indiana with the showing of “The Best We’ve Got: The Carl Erskine Story.” With Erskine being such
a pivotal figure in Special Olympics Indiana’s history, the organization has partnered with Ted Green
Films to spread Erskine’s messages of friendship, inclusion, servant leadership, and respect.
“The Best We’ve Got: The Carl Erskine Story,” premiered on the big screen Aug. 11 at the
Paramount Theatre in Erskine’s hometown of Anderson. The film, produced by renowned filmmaker
Ted Green, takes a deep dive into Erskine’s upbringing as a child and his legendary career in Major
League Baseball with Jackie Robinson, the first African American to break the color barrier in a sport
that was segregated for more than 50 years. That is only a fraction of Erskine’s impact. The film will
take viewers on Erskine’s most proud adventure when he and his wife, Betty, have their son Jimmy,
who was born with Down syndrome, and will share their story and impact they’ve made on Special
Olympics Indiana and social change across the country.

Erskine has been referred to as many things. In the classic baseball novel “The Boys of Summer”,
Erskine was referred to as a philosopher, a poet and an “existential man.” A New York sportswriter
called him “the gentleman from Indiana.” Dennis Schmidt, former CEO of Special Olympics Indiana,
said Erskine is the most decent man he’s ever met. Former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, in
giving Erskine the state’s highest honor, said simply, “He’s the best we’ve got.”
In today’s world where animosity, ignorance, prejudice, and conflict are highlighted across social
media and news outlets, Erskine’s story of acceptance and dignity is ready to be shared when the
world needs it most. Being at the forefront of arguably two of the most important social movements
the world has ever seen, Erskine’s impact on the nation is second to none.
Tickets for the Oct 20 event are $5.00 and are on sale now through The Astra Theater ticket link. The Jasper screening of the documentary is a partnership with the Indiana Baseball
Hall of Fame and Special Olympics Dubois County with an expected sold-out crowd.
To view a trailer of the movie or to learn more about Carl Erskine, please visit

About Special Olympics Indiana
Special Olympics Indiana is a nonprofit organization that is part of the global Special Olympics
movement, created by the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation for the benefit of persons with
intellectual disabilities. Its vision is an inclusive world, driven by the power of sport, through which
people with intellectual disabilities live active, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

About Ted Green Films
In 2010, Ted switched to filmmaking after 20 years as a newspaper journalist. Since then he has
produced seven documentaries, most recently “Eva: A-7063.” Ted’s work has won 21 regional
Emmys (including Best Documentary for his past four films); first place in the national Associated
Press Sports Editors contest; the Fourth Estate Award from the national American Legion; and the
Dick Schaap Award of Excellence from the Center for the Study of Sports in Society at Northeastern
University. His documentaries have screened on ESPN Classic, at film festivals around the world
and at the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. He holds a B.A. from Princeton University
and a Masters from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. More information at